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HY-CAP is a brand name of Vinatech Supercapacitor series. 

Supercapacitor is an electrochemical energy storage applied in "power" industries.
Compared with battery, supercap has one-tenth of energy, but delivers over 10 times power due to ultra low ESR. 

It operates more reliably in wider temperature and its life is semi-permanent, over 500,000 cycles.

◆ Characteristics 

  * Rated 2.5V / 2.7V / 3V 
  * High power density (low internal resistance)
  * 500,000 cycle life (semi-permanent)
  * Wider operating temerataure

◆ Application fields 

Electric toy, wireless modem, duplicator(rapid heating), car audio, remote controller (self-electric charging), AMR(Automatic Meter Reading), uninterruptible power supply(UPS), electric valve, Wind turbine(pitch controlling), industrial robot, automatic door backup, HEV

◆ Data sheet
EDLC - 2.5V series.pdf
EDLC - 2.7V series.pdf
EDLC - 3V series.pdf

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