VINATech automotive innovation provides the very latest technology to meet the increasing demands from the Automotive industry which today and tomorrow requires higher levels of technology and cost effective energy saving solutions. The Fuel Cell materials team are developing efficiency improvements for tomorrows carbon neutral transport needs whilst the Super Capacitor team develop and produce the very best products for our safety and support.

  • e-call immediate power for the important emergency call, long life and green technology
  • e-latch back up for smart door entry, long life and green solutions
  • Fail safe rapid back up to system problems, long life and environmentally friendly
  • Fuel Cell the very latest material technology for a future Carbon neutral transportation needs
  • Idle start stop relieve stress on batteries
  • Lighting backing up when you need to see
  • Regenerative Storage saves valuable energy and improving fuel efficiency
  • Telematics/Tracking keeping an eye on your valuable assets and includes last gasp communications
  • Voltage stabilizers a green solution for this growing requirement

Supercapacitors play increasing roles in todays growing Electronics market.

  • Energy Saving

  • Power Back Up

  • Memory Back Up

  • RTC Back Up

  • Last Gasp

  • Pulse Power

Supercapacitors can be applied to an increasing number of products that require long life with high power, energy storage capabilities and hundreds of thousands of rapid charge/discharge cycles.
Supercapacitors can be applied as single cells or module formats according to the increasing number of applications. VINATech’s customer base is growing as they understand the added value of VINATech’s quality and technology for their developing environmentally friendly applications worldwide.