Vina R&D

Solar Energy

VINATech is researching hybrid super capacitors to control the mirror tracking of photovoltaic power generators.

Project overview

  • Project name : High-capacity hybrid capacitor for solar mirror tracking
  • Participating organizations : VINATech, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
  • Project period : May 1, 2010 ~ April 30, 2015 [60 months]
  • Project budget : 5.6 billion KRW (including 2.53 billion KRW in government contributions)

Project background and objectives

  • The photovoltaic power generation station controls parabolic mirrors to track the course of the sun to increase operation efficiency. For this purpose, power is transmitted over the cable, or batteries or super capacitors are used. The method of cable power transmission proved a long life cycle but requires substantial initial investment and complicated construction. The battery method doesn’t require much initial cost but the life cycle is short (less than 2 years), which inevitably leads to frequent replacement and faces strict environmental regulations. In addition, hybrid super capacitors can be installed and maintained for a moderate price. However, with the unit price being more expensive than the battery, this is a shortcoming.
  • The development goals of this project are to develop a hybrid capacitor that combines the strengths of EDLC (Electronic Double Layer Capacitor), which has a semi-permanent life cycle and high power, and LIB (Lithium Ion Battery) that has high energy density and high voltage; and to enter the mirror tracking market of photovoltaic power generators.

Implementation organizations

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-Cell and module optimization

-Assembly process optimization

-Cell assembly and evaluation

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology

-Developing anodes for high temperature

-Improving the quality of commercial activated carbon

-Developing new activated carbon

  • High-output

  • Microwave processed
    commercial activated carbon

  • High-capacity
    new activated carbon

  • 2.5V 1000F Hybrid Capacitor

  • 2.5V 1000F Module

Expected effects

  • The accumulated total sales amount of hybrid capacitors is more than 60 billion KRW.