Vina R&D

International Joint Research Project of Energy

Project Overview

  • Project Name : Commercialisation of Fuel Cell for Electric Vehicles
    Development of Activated Metal catalyst support Technology for Mass production of Graphene based Support Catalyst for High reliability (200,000Km)
  • Participating organizations : VINATech, Korea Institute of Energy Research , BNL , Univ. of Sejong
  • Project Period : Nov 1, 2015 ~ Oct 31, 2018
  • Project budget : 2.08 billion KRW ( including 1.65 billion KRW in government contributions)

Project background and objectives

  • Concentrated research and development in order to localize the fuel cell system, to commercialise fuel cells for competitive product price and reliability The Electrode catalyst represents 45% of the fuel cell stack price as of 2015, and this project was implemented to reduce the ratio and to ensure mass production technology for support catalyst and activated metals.
    The goal of this project is to ensure production-based technology by securing a supporting mass production technology for high-durable electrode catalyst.

High value-added electrode catalyst = Highly durable support + World class activated metal

Implementation Organizations

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-Secure production technology of highly durable hybrid support

-Secure control technology of support characteristics

-Secure mass production technology of support

Korea Institute of Energy Research

-Select compounding materials for support

-Control inorganic doping support surface property

-Electrode layer structure modelling


-Identify the possibility of activated metal introduction with low-cost cores

-Activated metal support and evaluation

Univ. of Sejong

-The best MEA performance evaluation technology to acquire

-DOE, NEDO Standard Accelerated Life Assessment

-MEA Post Analysis


Project results

  • Contribution to MEA durability improvement by achieving the final goal of catalyst activity through support development
  • ECSA Value Compare

    Initial 5,000th
    PL5000 32.46 27.41
    SP6000 55.76 36.67
    v3 Hybrid 51.66 39.94
    v4 Hybrid 53.48 41.08