Industrial & New technologies

VINATech’s innovative products are supporting the development of
many new Energy saving markets and providing green, long life, and time saving solutions.

  • Actuators & Locks increasing lifetime and a green solution
  • AGVs(Automated Guidance Vehicles) offers rapid charging and long life
  • Drones lengthens operational life between re-charging with Fuel Cells
  • Generators using Fuel Cells reduce carbon footprint and reduces risk of theft
  • Hybrid Batteries lengthens the life of the Battery
  • Medical : Dental tools, X-Ray Systems & Medical pumps offers back up and green solutions
  • SSD (Solid State Drives) & Non-volatile dual in-line memory module (NVDIMM) Rapid back up
  • Regenerative storage elevators and drives reduces carbon footprint and increase life time
  • Solar Power harnessing green energy
  • Toys rapid charging and long life
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) rapid memory back up for power drop
  • Wind Turbines a long life
  • Lighting long life and green solution for emergency lighting

Supercapacitors play increasing roles in todays growing Electronics market.

  • Energy Saving

  • Power Back Up

  • Memory Back Up

  • RTC Back Up

  • Last Gasp

  • Pulse Power

Supercapacitors can be applied to an increasing number of products that require long life with high power, energy storage capabilities and hundreds of thousands of rapid charge/discharge cycles.
Supercapacitors can be applied as single cells or module formats according to the increasing number of applications. VINATech’s customer base is growing as they understand the added value of VINATech’s quality and technology for their developing environmentally friendly applications worldwide.