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Fuel Cell

VINATech has been committed to pursuing research in the area of carbon materials and
development of nano-composite technologies. We have developed efficient
solutions for fuel cells and deodorizing filter.


VINATech developed the original technology involving CNF
(Carbon Nano Fiber) through independent research projects,
in 2002. Subsequent development includes different carbon
solutions including activating carbons, controlling the shape,
composite and metal impregnated activation.

The application range of VINATech's carbon solutions includes
CNF, catalyst support for fuel cells, MEA (Membrane Electrode
Assembly), and electrode and filter materials.

In particular, we lead the world in production of catalyst support,
catalyst for fuel cell and MEA.

Features of VINATech's CNF

CNF(Carbon Nano Fiber) is a fiber-type carbon which has a strong crystalline property as well as nano-size fiber
stems (5 - 350nm). This product comes in Platelet type where the graphene layers are arranged vertical to the direction
of fibers. The Herring bone type involves lamination with a specific inclination. The Tubular type fiber is generated in parallel with the direction of other fibers.

VINATech develops many different CNF products featuring a wide range of fibers stems, crystalline properties and
structures structures through our processes for controlling the catalyst and response gas production conditions.

Type Products Fiber stems(nm) Crystalline property
(d002 : Å)
Diameter of crystals
(Lc(002) : nm)
Platelet type PCNF 80~350 3.36 30
Herring bone type HCNF 10~80 3.4 ~ 3.5 1~5
Products TCNF 5~50 3.4 ~ 3.5 2~5
Type Microscopic pictures Forming structures Surface Edges
PCNF Microsopic picture of Carbon PCNF type Forming structure of Carbon PCNF type Perpendicular to the fiber axis
Diameter : 80~350 nm
d002 : 3.36Å
Lc(002) : 30 nm
HCNF Microsopic picture of Carbon HCNF type Forming structure of Carbon HCNF type Symmetrically angled to
the fiber axis

Diameter : 10~80 nm
d002 : 3.4~3.5Å
Lc(002) : 1~5 nm
TCNF Microsopic picture of Carbon TCNF type Forming structure of Carbon TCNF type Parallel to the fiber axis

Diameter : 5~50 nm
d002 : 3.4~3.5Å
Lc(002) : 2~5 nm

VINATech's carbon controlling technology

VINATech has a shape controlling technology that boosts the crystalline property through a physical process applied to the CNF surface and by high-temp thermal processing; the process changes the surface property by rearranging the edges. We also have a complex solution which improves the conductivity of electricity, radiation properties, dispensability, and specific surface area by combining the strengths of each component material.

VINATech's CNF is characterized by its excellent corrosion resistance developed through edge arrangement, dispensability
secured by modification of surface properties, and great electricity conductivity and radiation effects ensured by complexation.

We have secured CNF fuel materials and can produce any CNF products with properties such as surface adhesion, distance between layers, and ion's interposing between layers optimized to the customer's application requirements.

VINATech's carbon shape controlling technology Microscopic photos of VINATech's energy storage carbons


VINATech's carbon complexation technology

VINATech's patents in carbon materials

Patent No. Patent Title Year of application
IPC B82B-003/00
Fiber form nano carbon composition formula 2002
US7470418 B2
Ultra-fine Fibrous Carbon And Preparation Method Thereof 2003
US20090004095 A1
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